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Ideal Breakfast Bundle

Do you tend to skip breakfast, or feel you want more out of your breakfast? Then oour Ideal Breakfast Bundle might be right for you.

The products are brought together as an ideal breakfast to provide you with a nutrient rich, calorie controlled meal. Not only does this bundle supply plenty of fibre, but over 22 different vitamins and minerals as well. Adding Protein Drink Mix to your Formula 1 shake will help top up your protein intake, and create a smooth and creamy high protein drink.

Bundle Contains:

Formula 1, Instant Herbal Beverage, Protein Drink Mix and Herbal Aloe Concentrate Drink.

Our 21-Day Challenge includes the minimum programme to start your wellness journey plus the £5 entry fee (which goes directly into the Challenge Prize fund).
Challenge Overview
Nutrition Coaching - Meal plans - Fitness Help - Motivation - Private Facebook Support Group.
Product Overview
  • 1x Formula 1 Shake Nutritional Shake Mix (10 flavours) - 1 x 21 Servings
  • 1x Instant Herbal Beverage (50g / 4 flavours)
  • 1x Protein Drink Mix
  • 1x Herbal Aloe Concentrate Drink (2 flavours).

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    Herbalife nutrition programmes are intended for use as part of a healthy diet in conjunction with regular physical activity. It is important to maintain adequate fluid intake. Weight control is achieved with a calorie-controlled eating plan. Only Formula 1 can be used as a meal replacement for weight control, all other products are food supplements and supporting products. 


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